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Calendar of Events

The Kootenai Stargazers Astronomy Club meets the third Friday of each month.

Upcoming Meetings and presentations

  • Our April meeting, normally scheduled for Friday April 17, has been cancelled. Please check in again next month for information about our next meeting. Thank you.

What's Up in the Night Sky

    Note: Observations are good for the lower 48 states, but more accurate for the Northwest Area.

  • March 16 – The Last Quarter Moon occurs.

  • March 18 – In the southeastern sky before dawn, the waning crescent moon will be less than two fingers below Mars and Jupiter. All three objects will fit in the field of view of binoculars.

  • March 19 – Low in the southeastern sky before dawn, the waning crescent moon will continue its tour of bright morning planets. After the moon rises at 5:30am local time, its very slender crescent will be a palm's width to the left of Saturn.

  • March 20 – Marks the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of Spring. Days and nights are of equal length. The sun rises due east and sets due west. Also in the southeastern pre-dawn sky at about 4:30am features a close encounter of Mars and Jupiter.

  • March 24 – Mercury will reach its greatest angle of 28 degrees from the sun and appear in the morning between 6:30 and 7am local time. It will be a shallow angle and appear very close to the horizon for the northern hemisphere. Also, the 24th will be a New Moon.

  • March 24 – Venus will reach its widest separation of 46 degrees from the sun.

  • March 31 – Mars will pass close to Saturn in the southeastern pre-dawn sky at about 4:15am local time. The two planets will have almost the same brightness but different colors.

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