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Kootenai Stargazers Astronomy Club

Calendar of Events

The Kootenai Stargazers Astronomy Club meets the third Friday of each month.

Upcoming Meetings and presentations

  • Our next meeting will be on Friday November 17, 2017. Kathy Nielsen, will be giving the presentation - "All about Telescopes".

    Get together at 6 PM for discussions and snacks, meeting starts at 7 PM.

    Planned Partial Agenda

    • Word of the Month
    • Next Club Meeting
    • Future Presentations: December-Kathy: Telescopes
    • Quiz of the Month - Not in a million years!
    • Other Items of Interest:
    • How can astronauts on the ISS deal with a dental emergency?
    • Why is the discovery of merging neutron stars important?
    • Where your elements came from.
    • What will the universe be like in a googolplex years time?
    • Nova vs KiloNova vs SuperNova vs HyperNova
    • Off topic surprise.
    • Night Sky by Kathy
    • Main Presentation: by Kathy Nielsen - "All about Telescopes"

April 8, 2024 Next Total Solar Eclipse in the United States