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Kootenai Stargazers Astronomy Club

Calendar of Events

The Kootenai Stargazers Astronomy Club meets the third Friday of each month.

Upcoming Meetings and presentations

  • Astronomy Club Resumes!

  • Our September meeting, will be on Friday, September 18, 2020. This is an open meeting, all interested are welcome, no requirements. Masks? Whatever makes you comfortable.

  • Presentation will be part #3 of "Climate Change".

  • Get together at 6 PM for discussions and a potluck on the back porch. Just bring something... average attendance is about 12. Meeting starts at 7 PM.

What's Up in the Night Sky

    Note: Observations are good for the lower 48 states, but more accurate for the Northwest Area.

  • September 3 – Marks the beginning of Mars Winter in its northern hemisphere. Mars longer year also means each season is longer too – slightly more than five months. Be thankful we don't live there.

  • September 22 – Marks the autumn equinox for the Northern Hemisphere. On this day, the day and night are of equal length and the sun rises due east and sets due west.

  • September 24 – The bright planet Jupiter will be visible several finger widths to the upper left of the ibbous (growing) moon in the southern sky. Look for the somewhat dimmer Saturn off to the upper left (or east) of the Moon and Jupiter.

  • September 25 – The waxing Moon will sit several finger widths to the lower left of the yellowish Saturn in the southern sky after dusk.

  • Venus will continue to rise during the early morning hours of September and shine very brightly in the eastern pre-dawn sky.

  • Mars will rise shortly after dusk until September 9. It will cease its eastward motion and start its retrograde loop that lasts until mid-November. By the end of the month, Mars will rise during dusk and climb higher in the sky for good viewing.

  • Jupiter will remain in the lower part of the southwestern sky.

  • Saturn will also remain in the lower part of the southwestern sky.

  • The New Moon occurs on September 17. First Quarter Moon occurs on September 23.

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