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Kootenai Stargazers Astronomy Club

Calendar of Events

The Kootenai Stargazers Astronomy Club meets the third Friday of each month.

Upcoming Meetings and presentations

  • Our next meeting will be on Friday January 17, 2020. Laura McGlasson will be presenting "Climate and the Universe" - Part 1 of 2 addressing our Climate Change
    Get together at 6 PM for discussions and snacks, meeting starts at 7 PM.

What's Up in the Night Sky

    Note: Observations are good for the lower 48 states, but more accurate for the Northwest Area.

  • On January 20, the Planet Mars, the Star Antares and a slim lunar crescent moon group together low in the southeast about an hour before sunrise.

  • The full Moon occurs on January 10; the Third Quarter on January 17 and the New Moon on January 24.

  • Betelgeuse, the top bright orange/red star of Orion's shoulder has faded to an all time low in magnitude.

April 8, 2024 Next Total Solar Eclipse in the United States